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New Majority Ventures

The New Majority is people of color, women, immigrants, veterans and LGBTQ. We are an audience that over-indexes across all media – and yet are unseen and under-served. To answer that call, New Majority Ventures is focused on the New Majority. We are committed to non-fiction storytelling and creative content that’s entertaining, authentic and inspirational, with advocates and experts who reflect the diversity of the audience.

New Majority Ventures is a partnership between Melissa Bradley’s 1863 Ventures and Kinetic Energy Entertainment.

“A portion of what I do is putting accurate facts out there that can ultimately change people’s minds. Even now, if I go raise money for our fund, people see me and they create a story in their mind about what they see. I want them to hear different stories with the same face and hopefully change the narrative in their head of what a CEO looks like.”

– Melissa Bradley