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Orbiter & Rover

Orbiter & Rover is a new creator-owned company and publisher of games. Our mission is to bring joy worldwide with card games, board games, and whatever else we think is fun! We want to spark imagination and encourage group playtimes with big, exciting worlds!

Our first card game is Space Hoppers: Singko Academy, created by father-daughter duo Zachary & Zella Mortensen. It’s an action-packed space hop across the galaxy, picking up crew, collecting souvenirs, discovering new planets…while also fending off pirate attacks. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, it will be available in January 2024.

We’re thrilled with the release of Space Hoppers: Singko Academy as it’s the first of many stories set in the SPACE HOPPERS world. These stories will span galaxies, planets, and generations, told from the perspective of the kids at the center of it all. It jets from the top-secret Three Moons scientific research station to Singko Academy, the preeminent boarding school in the galaxy; from the dangerous trading bazaars on Gast, to the idyllic suburb of Glen Valley, USA, and then back again. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Orbiter & Rover is a partnership between Kinetic Energy Entertainment and Zachary Mortensen that incubates ideas into fantastical worlds. Our goal is to inspire those who engage with our stories & play our worlds that are filled with tales of exciting adventures, courageous characters and curious creatures. And there’s a bunch of other surprises coming up!

Check out the Space Hoppers website