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And just like that we have a new website. And you’re on it right now! HUZZAH!

Ok so not really just like that. More like over the last year as we devoted alot of time, energy (see what we did there?) and thought into the design, interface and usability of what has become the digital home for all things Kinetic Energy Entertainment.

We encourage you to…

  • Poke around. Learn more about us.
  • Check out the talented creators we have partnered with and our esteemed advisors.
  • Sign up for our newsletter. Some big news will be incoming soon.

We hope that the info here is intriguing and helpful…and without spelling and grammar errors.

(Seriously, please let us know if you find any!)

BONUS! Not only are we unleashing our newly designed website into the world today, we are also celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the co-founders’ “Let’s Do This!” moment. If you wish to send “happy anniversary” wishes, write us below.

So until next…#keepitmoving!

PS: Our Koji link is now dead as Koji (the Company) has been sold (ICYMI).

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